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Clothing Storage for Business Travel

525ee1a889645c7f25d42a71bbd2c195The length of corporate travel may vary from a few days, a few weeks to 3 months or more. If it’s a few days of business travel, you don’t even need to unpack your belongings; living in a suitcase would suffice. But for a few months such as 3 months or more, living outside of your suitcase is absolutely necessary for your sanity. The closet in your corporate housing might be smaller than expected? Here are some ideas for how to store your belongings in the most effective way.


Pack Smart. Look Smart.

jacket_suitcase_shoes_tie_pants_harticleMany of you know how hectic business travel can be. On top of the all-things business itinerary, you also have to worry about logistics for getting to your hotel or corporate lodging or just anywhere in a new city. So, packing should be the last thing you worry about. The bottom line of business travel packing is not to pack light, but pack smart because we all know those professional suits are bulky. Here are some tips on how to become boss at tightening your baggage and looking fly anywhere you go!


Business Travel Hacks

PP-Mini-for-Him-with-essentialsWho wants to be involved in intense packing when you’re travelling for business? Most people who travel for business would want to be seen as people who are clean-cut, tidy, well-prepared and well-groomed. No one wants to see sloppy with business suits. Also, business travel can be stressful enough, preparing notes for conferences or field tests with clients, so the traveling part should be light on you. Here are some tidbits of traveling hacks so you can conquer the business world!


Hotel vs. Corporate Housing (Infographic)

Corporate housing is a miracle for people who travel a lot for work and the employers that impose those work travels. It is very much cost effective and more fitting for extended stays than hotels. Let’s get to the basics and compare corporate housing and hotels.


Relocating to Texas (Infographic)

Houston_nightThinking of relocating to a state that has a rich energy capital of oil and gas, lower cost of living and lower taxes? Think Texas. Working and living in the Lone Star state has many perks. With the help of Texas Workforce Commission, a state agency providing workforce development services to employers and job seekers of Texas, the Lone Star state is booming with potential more than ever. (more…)

How Wearable Technology Will Change Business Travel

UntitledMobile technology is all the rage lately, especially with smart phones and tablets dominating the business scene. This past year it also become the top way to search and book travel for business.


Trendy Travel

rsz_1changit4_1With 2014 coming to a close, Global Corporate Accommodations wanted to take a look at a few travel trends from the past year that will continue to develop in 2015.


Getting the Most out of Business Travel

Effortless-business-travel-travel-luggage-for-businessIf you travel often for business, then you know that the flight itself is usually a complete waste of your valuable time. Your schedule once you land is as hectic as ever, but while you are in the air you may be at a loss on how to make the most of your time.

So what can you do to make your travels feel productive?


Corporate Travel for Women

hotels-women-babysharks-the-outsider-woman-at-airportSometimes it seems like a man’s world, especially when it comes to business. Oftentimes women are overlooked as they continue to climb the corporate ladder despite cultural and social barriers. Global Corporate Accommodations recognizes more and more women travel for business and offers some tips and tricks for those ladies who work hard and then work harder.


Entertainment Everywhere

school-ticketing-systemIt is difficult to become bored when you are traveling for leisure, but traveling for business can be tricky. Sometimes it is hard to fill the moments when you aren’t working, sleeping, or drinking coffee so you can work when you should be sleeping. Relaxation and recreation are even less attainable if you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere in a town that has one bar and half a bowling alley. Never fear, even the tiniest town has something to offer in terms of entertainment, as long as you know where to look.