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Business Travel Hacks

PP-Mini-for-Him-with-essentialsWho wants to be involved in intense packing when you’re travelling for business? Most people who travel for business would want to be seen as people who are clean-cut, tidy, well-prepared and well-groomed. No one wants to see sloppy with business suits. Also, business travel can be stressful enough, preparing notes for conferences or field tests with clients, so the traveling part should be light on you. Here are some tidbits of traveling hacks so you can conquer the business world!

minimergencyMinimergency Kit: Kits like these offer mini-emergency kits for both men and women. Sometimes you can forget to pack something you wouldn’t normally need or you leave it out on purpose only to realize that you actually need it on your travel. At these times, you won’t regret taking a small kit with you! The Minimergency Kit carries, and it varies, deodorants, stain removers, shoe shine, hand cleanser, mint floss, nail clipper, breath drops, extra buttons, safety pins and many more!


Another useful hack is convertible travel bag to chair. Just imagine queuing up for the security check at the airport and you’re tired. This handy bag turned chair may be the short term solution you’re looking for. While you’re at it, take a pocket-sized projector with you to your travel. Comfortably small, you can just drop it in your baggage at the last minute. Take a flashlight too in case you’re feeling dim; just hook it up to your computer when you need a little more light in a dark room.


In addition, there are amazing hacks you can get from simple household things such as hair dryer and dryer sheets. Hair dryers are also used to de-wrinkle clothing. When you unpack and find out your clothes are wrinkled, do not fret; just dampen the clothes a bit and set the hair dryer on low an inch or two away from the wrinkles. It removes stains too! See a stain of toothpaste or make up on your shirt collar on the way to the meeting? Just wet it a pinch with soap or detergent and dry it up!


Dryer-SheetsDryer sheets smell nice and boy, are they handy! First of all, they are virtually weightless, so no need to worry about airport weight policies. Just by putting them in the luggage, the latter will smell extra pleasant and the clothes inside are ready to be worn! In addition, you can sneak them in sneakers, socks or gym bags you might bring to your corporate trip to ward off bad smell. Lastly, you can place them in drawers at your hotel or corporate housing after you unpack so everything will be fresh!

Try these hacks when you’re on your way to one of GCA’s lodgings – your home for the next few weeks!