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Clothing Storage for Business Travel

525ee1a889645c7f25d42a71bbd2c195The length of corporate travel may vary from a few days, a few weeks to 3 months or more. If it’s a few days of business travel, you don’t even need to unpack your belongings; living in a suitcase would suffice. But for a few months such as 3 months or more, living outside of your suitcase is absolutely necessary for your sanity. The closet in your corporate housing might be smaller than expected? Here are some ideas for how to store your belongings in the most effective way.

Extended business stays calls for more clothes than short travel, so it is as if you have moved in a new apartment for a short while. A crowded and messy closet should be the least of your worries when you have to worry about work schedules and client meetings.

201311_Hooks_hangersFirst, invest in hooks. Find a wall in your closet whose emptiness is glaring right at you; then, fill the space with hooks! Hook up everything from jewelry, clothes to bags and suitcases. You won’t regret it since it gives more space on the floor.

Second, have you run out of hanging space for your business professional/casual shirts? No worries, get an extender rod and hang in right between your clothes! The low shelf on the extender rod can be used to hang clothes, skirts and pants; this way, you will be able to avoid wrinkly professional clothes by having more clothes hanged instead of folded in drawers.

Thirdly, make good use of the storage space on the most upper deck near the ceiling. Cram in suitcases or bags and clothes you normally do not wear on a regular basis. Big, bulky things are better stored up in the upper deck as opposed to on the floor since it saves space.

8775315040149pLastly, put extra rods in your clothes storage space. Rods in closets are built in a way that focuses on the eye level of the resident where it is easily reachable; however, it leaves empty space in the lower level. So, invest in a new rod and put it parallel to the built-in rod and the floor and ta-da! You’ll feel like you got a whole new closet space for your clothes.