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Getting the Most out of Business Travel

Effortless-business-travel-travel-luggage-for-businessIf you travel often for business, then you know that the flight itself is usually a complete waste of your valuable time. Your schedule once you land is as hectic as ever, but while you are in the air you may be at a loss on how to make the most of your time.

So what can you do to make your travels feel productive?

Try to live without the Internet while in the airport or on the plane. WiFi connections are faulty at best and nonexistent on the plane, so take the time to focus on a project that needs attention. You won’t have the same distractions as working in an office. You will have plenty of time to set your priorities.

Prepare for jet lag. A new study shows that fasting may alter your sleep patterns and cure jet lag. This is due to a finding that our bodies may work on a second body clocked based on food intake instead of daylight.

237345-drinkwaterStay hydrated. This is a no brainer. Dehydration can worsen the symptoms of jetlag and decrease your productivity when you land.

The flight provides time to think. You may believe that the hours spent in the air are wasted, but you can use the time to mull over professional issues or to develop fresh perspectives.