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Hotel vs. Corporate Housing (Infographic)

Corporate housing is a miracle for people who travel a lot for work and the employers that impose those work travels. It is very much cost effective and more fitting for extended stays than hotels. Let’s get to the basics and compare corporate housing and hotels.

Hotels-vs-Corporate-LodgingSaving money on business travel has been becoming a priority as more companies are expanding their market reach to other cities or even other countries. Traveling to another city, whether it’s by airplane or car, is costly enough; the stay is going to be longer than a few days, so you would want to minimize the costs. There does not have to be expensive nightly hotels rates when GCA is there for you in the Southwest.

At GCA, there are selections of one, two or three bedroom floor plans equipped with spacious living areas and full-sized kitchens. In addition, washer and dryer are included! For an average apartment by GCA of 700 square feet, the average nightly rate ranges from $85 to $115. However, for an average hotel room in, let’s say, Midland or Odessa, of 275 square feet, the average nightly rate would be from $125 to $295. As you can see, there’s a whooping difference in terms of nightly rate. Just imagine the difference it would make with a longer stay for the employees.

Living at a corporate housing can have other benefits. Having a fully equipped kitchen calls for a healthier lifestyle as you can cook often as you would at your own place. It helps you save money since you don’t always have to eat out or get delivery to your hotel room. Having a bigger bedroom and living space altogether helps you with your mental and emotional exhaustion that you might get from work.

At GCA, the apartment housings are all furnished with luxurious executive-style furniture. There are housewares from room décor to TV, DVD player, vacuum cleaner, cordless telephone, iron and iron boards. Utilities include highspeed wireless, electricity, gas and water.