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How Wearable Technology Will Change Business Travel

UntitledMobile technology is all the rage lately, especially with smart phones and tablets dominating the business scene. This past year it also become the top way to search and book travel for business.

However, in 2015 wearable tech will be the new game-changer. More hotels are developing booking apps for Google Glass. Earlier this year it was reported that the Apple iWatch is partnering with Starwood Hotel’s app to open room doors.  You can now open your hotel room with a wave of your watch.

1The wearable smart watch will also let you make payments, hold your boarding pass, and access local information about your destination, such as weather reports.

This new technology will hopefully lessen the hassle and clutter of traditional travel and usher travelers into the paperless age. Business travel is on the way to becoming an enjoyable bonus of work instead of a nuisance.