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Pack Smart. Look Smart.

jacket_suitcase_shoes_tie_pants_harticleMany of you know how hectic business travel can be. On top of the all-things business itinerary, you also have to worry about logistics for getting to your hotel or corporate lodging or just anywhere in a new city. So, packing should be the last thing you worry about. The bottom line of business travel packing is not to pack light, but pack smart because we all know those professional suits are bulky. Here are some tips on how to become boss at tightening your baggage and looking fly anywhere you go!

Step 1: The Right Kind of Bag

southwest_carryon_baggage_dimensionsLet’s face it. Sometimes, we all want to pack things we do not need, like two pairs of sports shoes for men or make up and hair products for the ladies. But the wisest thing to do is ditch those things and take a carry-on bag instead of a big luggage. Besides, you do not want to check in since there will always be a line full of people with their baggage. Even for international flights, it’s better to take a carry-on. The current standard size for carry-on luggage in the United States is 24” x 16” x 10” and for international flights, it’s 22” x 13” x 10” and able to fit in the overhead cabins.


Step 2: The Right Items

J1009-01-Merrivale-Grey-Tweed-Suit-Jacket-Thumbnail2Remember that this is about packing for business, not packing for the beach, so keep the monotone, neutral color clothes in tab. One reason is to keep it professional; another is for your wardrobe to be versatile. Do expect to use a clothing for two or more occasions and brighten up by pairing it with different things throughout the trip. Also so that you don’t have to carry a lot of clothes in the bag. And of course bring multipurpose kits or minimergency kits, as described in the Business Travel Hacks article.

41jX1sb8ODL._SX425_Step 3: The Right Containers

Avoid using ZipLoc bags for liquids or creams and use small plastic containers instead. Ziploc bags can get torn up in the baggage and everything will get unleashed. With plastic containers, it’s safer and tidier!

Step 4: The Right Back-up Things

In order to avoid last minute freak-outs at the airport, make sure you bring all the back ups in your carry-on. That includes high-quality scans of your passport, visa, driver’s license and credit cards in case you forget any of them. And of course, bring your work computer as well as your backup hard drive!

Now that you’re all packed, go ahead and take charge of your business trip. And check out the next blog post for clothing storage during your travel.