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Relocating to Texas (Infographic)

Houston_nightThinking of relocating to a state that has a rich energy capital of oil and gas, lower cost of living and lower taxes? Think Texas. Working and living in the Lone Star state has many perks. With the help of Texas Workforce Commission, a state agency providing workforce development services to employers and job seekers of Texas, the Lone Star state is booming with potential more than ever.

Relocation-to-Texas-Better Job Opportunities

Texas is composed of approximately 8.5 percent of the U.S population. From June 2009 to June 2011, 43% of all new jobs in the U.S are created in Texas. With a fast growing population comes demand for new services and infrastructure, enabling the state to bring out more job growth and opportunity.

Energy Boom

The industry in Texas is predominantly oil and gas, certainly the reason why people are relocating to Texas. The Lone Star state is the 11th largest oil in the world with Houston being regarded as the energy capital of the world. Because the state has huge potential reserves, fracking and drilling for oil has become a routinely done procedure for energy production. Apart from the oil and gas industry, Texas has a diverse economy, attracting 52 Fortune 500 Companies to be headquartered here.

Better Laws and Fair Court

Business regulation is lighter in Texas because of the reduction in trial lawyer activity and frivolous lawsuits. Fewer laws lead to more freedom on business law and regulation. It’s relative easier and less expensive to start a business in Texas.

Lower Cost of Living in Texas

Like starting a business in this state is cheaper, the food, fuel, transportation, services and healthcare are also cheaper, as well as and especially real estate. Regardless of the lower employee wage in the state, the lower cost of living compensates for it, so much so that the middle class can live a comfortably good life here compared to other states.

Safer Cities

According to Forbes’ America’s Safest Cities rankings, Plano in Texas wins first place. Being close to Dallas, which has a median household income of $79,234 and 60% above the national average, helps a lot with the small suburban area close to Dallas. In addition, Austin and San Antonio are a few of the safer cities in Texas.

These are some of the reasons why people relocate to Texas. Global Corporate Accommodations was formed in the heart and soul of Texas. We are one of the leaders in property management here, so trust us with your relocation plans in Texas, whether it is a short business travel or a 3-month, 4-month transfer. We got you covered in Texas.