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Trendy Travel

rsz_1changit4_1With 2014 coming to a close, Global Corporate Accommodations wanted to take a look at a few travel trends from the past year that will continue to develop in 2015.

tsa-featuredWe would like to offer a huge thanks to airports everywhere as they strive to improve comfort and ease of travel. It is difficult to discuss travel without mentioning airports, but it seems most say the word with a grimace and heavy sign. Hopefully that will be changing over the next couple years as airports begin to renovate. We are seeing more efficient layouts, more charging stations, comfortable lounges, and even efforts to improve TSA. There are whispers that TSA is attempting to create a calmer, friendlier security experience but we will believe it when we see it!

Miami_MAINWhile the physical changes to airports have stirred up smiles, there have been other changes that are slightly less thrilling. Fees. So. Many. Fees. Airlines met considerable resistance when they tried to increase fares, so they found a way to jack up the price of travel in a less confrontational manner. Expect to pay fees if you want an aisle seat or window seat; fees for sitting next to members of your travel party; fees for luggage of every shape and size; and expect gate agents to crack down on carry-on restrictions.

With 2015 around the corner we eagerly await a few new trends, and maybe it is time to usher a few old ones out the back door.